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Opportunistic cancer cells ‘slip through the gaps’ to spread through blood vessels

Cancer cells may rely on opportunism, as well as chemical signalling, to spread through the body, according to new findings by mathematicians at the University of Birmingham. Cancer spreads by sending cells out from the primary tumour to travel through the vascular or lymphatic system to colonise other organs in a process called metastasis. During… Read More »

Male Menopause Is Going to Suck, But You Can Get Through It

Caterina BernardiGetty Images Guys, let’s talk about male menopause. Yes, you read that right. You’re probably scratching your head, thinking, “Isn’t menopause something women get?” Yes, but some men experience hormonal changes as they get older. However, it’s important to note that female menopause is a legitimate medical condition. Andropause, the term used to describe… Read More »