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Healthcare orgs boost spending on predictive analytics as they prove their worth

Use of predictive analytics among payers and providers has seen a 13 point increase, from 47 percent in 2018 to 60 percent in 2019, a new survey from the Society of Actuaries shows. WHY IT MATTERSThe report further finds that 89 percent of healthcare executives plan to use predictive analytics in the next five years,… Read More »

Courts say anti-abortion 'heartbeat bills' are unconstitutional. So why do they keep coming?

But just as often as they are introduced, these bills get stymied. They are held up in committees, rejected in legislative votes, vetoed by governors and struck down in courts. Not one state has managed to put a heartbeat bill into lasting practice. In the past few weeks alone, lawmakers in Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi,… Read More »

I Made 3 Recipes From 'The Cricket Cookbook,' and Here's How They Tasted

It’s been five years since the United Nations issued a report encouraging people to eat more bugs. Insects are not only a great source of many nutrients, including omega-3s, they’re also much more sustainable for the planet than proteins like beef. And while you couldn’t say that they’re as American as apple pie yet, they… Read More »