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Sizzling Brooklyn pizza joint opening location in the Upper East Side

Upper East Siders are getting a taste of trendsetting Billyburg. Williamsburg Pizza — home of such menu items as tartufo with fresh mozzarella and apple bacon with smoked fresh mozzarella — is opening at 1615 Second Ave. at the corner of 84th Street. The reverse migration of pizza chef Nino Coniglio’s signature slices and pies… Read More »

These pot smokers are turning joint rolling into high art

Most serious stoners can appear too high to successfully tie their own shoelaces. So the fact that some of them can put together complex paper sculptures while under the influence seems nothing short of miraculous. Yet there they are: A coterie of cannabis-fueled artisans who create the world’s most elaborately crafted, visually compelling, perfectly smokable… Read More »