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Killings of transgender people in the US saw another high year

As deputy director at the Transgender Law Center based in Oakland, California, she has met many community members who have the same experience. “Death, profound loss, the violence that surrounds us, it’s constant. It’s a significant part of my transgender experience.” Despite an all-time high in trans-visibility, with celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne… Read More »

Cigarette smoking hits all-time low in the US – but rates are still high in poor communities

Cigarette smoking hits all-time low in the US – but rates have barely budged in poor, non-white communities 14 percent of Americans consumed a tobacco product in 2017, CDC data show  But poor, non-white areas have seen little change, a Stanford study shows The biggest divides are seen in Washington, DC, Atlanta, Miami, and Fort… Read More »

These pot smokers are turning joint rolling into high art

Most serious stoners can appear too high to successfully tie their own shoelaces. So the fact that some of them can put together complex paper sculptures while under the influence seems nothing short of miraculous. Yet there they are: A coterie of cannabis-fueled artisans who create the world’s most elaborately crafted, visually compelling, perfectly smokable… Read More »