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'I'm a basket case and here's what works for me' – 'Calm the F**k Down' writer gives some sound advice

Sarah Knight ‘I’m a basket case and here’s what works for me’ – ‘Calm the F**k Down’ writer gives some sound advice Independent.ie The last thing anybody wants to hear when they’re in the middle of a freakout is “calm down”. And yet, that’s the title New York Times bestselling self-help writer Sarah Knight has… Read More »

I Made 3 Recipes From 'The Cricket Cookbook,' and Here's How They Tasted

It’s been five years since the United Nations issued a report encouraging people to eat more bugs. Insects are not only a great source of many nutrients, including omega-3s, they’re also much more sustainable for the planet than proteins like beef. And while you couldn’t say that they’re as American as apple pie yet, they… Read More »