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Make-up artist who suffered from cystic acne urges others to stop buying expensive skincare products after – The Sun

A MAKE-UP artist who suffered from acne has slammed expensive skincare brands after revealing a £9.50 cream cured her of the painful spots. Kellee Kernohan, from Queensland, Australia, says she first started struggling with adult acne two years ago due to a combination of depression and a bad diet. 4 Kellee Kernohan, from Queensland, Australia,… Read More »

19 solo travel tips from Instagram’s hottest adventure girls

Solo travel is soaring, especially for women, which is why we asked the hottest adventure girls on social media for their travel tips Solo female travel is a hot topic. Anyone with even a passing interest in Instagram culture will have noticed the growing popularity of gorgeous landscapes with a striking commonality: mountaintops, forests, deserted… Read More »

Flesh Eating Bacteria Invades Lakes and Oceans! Tips to Protect Yourself From Becoming Vibrio Food

Photo Credits: Wikipedia Flesh-eating bacteria is real and it’s coming for us. Earlier this week, news of people being affected by the flesh-eating bacteria broke out and went viral. The cases came from seashores and coasts as people are getting affected by this bacteria from contaminated water. The bacteria is growing and the cause is… Read More »