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I Finally Wore Heavy Earrings, Overcoming My Extreme Fear of Long Earlobes: Ask Me Anything

Me living my best heavy earring life. Courtesy Rachel Torgerson My grandmother won’t be seen without her clip-on earrings. Doesn’t matter if she’s swimming in an ocean, having an operation at the hospital (long story), or just hanging by herself at home. She maintains that she’s always had long earlobes, doesn’t like them, and wants… Read More »

I Get SAD Every Winter—Here’s What I’ve Finally Found That Helps

Despite living in Southern California where the average temperature doesn’t often dip below 65°, SAD insists on paying me a visit each year like an anxiously awaited guest. Like clockwork each fall, the drastic drop in daylight brings along a general funk and fatigue that runs deeper than a classic case of the winter blues. Sound familiar?… Read More »