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How dangerous is gonorrhoea resistance and can it be halted?

How has this impacted on drug resistance in gonorrhoea? The researchers compared what are called Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations (MICs) of azithromycin, cefixime and ceftriaxone in samples sent to the Belgian and UK surveillance laboratories. MIC is the minimum amount of drug needed to stop the growth of the organism in the lab dish. A higher… Read More »

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Medical crowdfunding steers millions in donations to dangerous snake oil

October 24, 2018 Posted By Categories Kevin Lomangino is the managing editor of HealthNewsReview.org. He tweets as @KLomangino. We’ve written extensively about the dark side of medical crowdfunding — how donations meant to help desperate patients may perversely promote useless and dangerous interventions. We’ve also looked at the news industry’s complicity with these misguided campaigns… Read More »

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Introduction to Hiatal Hernia: A Potentially Dangerous Digestive Condition

A hernia is a condition where an organ pushes through an opening that a certain muscle holds in place. There are four different hernias that typically occur in the human body: Inguinal hernia — This occurs when intestines push through the inguinal canal, a tubular passage found near the groin area. It helps hold up… Read More »

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