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Flesh Eating Bacteria Invades Lakes and Oceans! Tips to Protect Yourself From Becoming Vibrio Food

Photo Credits: Wikipedia Flesh-eating bacteria is real and it’s coming for us. Earlier this week, news of people being affected by the flesh-eating bacteria broke out and went viral. The cases came from seashores and coasts as people are getting affected by this bacteria from contaminated water. The bacteria is growing and the cause is… Read More »

Bacteria outbreak leaves 12 dead in Essex: What is it? What are the symptoms?

Twelve people have died after coming into contact with a harmful infection called Group A Streptococcus (GAS) in Essex. It is believed those who died, and were infected, were elderly people living in community and care homes. The number of fatalities may rise as health authorities try to contain the outbreak, said Public Health England… Read More »

Medical News Today: ‘Harmless’ microbe may cause death of good gut bacteria

Good bacteria are imperative for gut health. New research finds that another type of gut microbe could be endangering the beneficial bacteria population. New research finds a microbe that may diminish beneficial gut bacteria. Trillions of microbes are present in the gut. The majority are bacteria. However, other types — including viruses and single cell… Read More »